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About SCX Holdings

We adhere to values of reverence, long term win-win partnerships,
uncompromised integrity and a commitment to exceptional performance.

Our Culture

We are both idealistic and practical. We believe that creating excellent outcomes requires setting ambitious goals and applying our understanding of how the world works.

This culture defines our ways of dealing with situations, always stress-tested on an individual and collective level, as our shared approach to working together with our partners.

Trading Philosophy

We use proprietary investment methods to identify new trends and avoid depending on unrealistic historical models for our decision making.

Our goal is to tap into uncorrelated returns based on macro industry trends. We employ risk allocations rather than pure asset allocations.

Market Intelligence

Our philosophy is that the world can be understood, and we strive to build a fundamental, cause-and-effect understanding of markets and management.

Technology is crucial to advancing this mission; our technologists collaborate with our researchers and managers to design, engineer, and run exchange platforms which enable systemization and scale in everything we do.

Security Token Offerings (STO)

We believe the introduction of Security Token Offerings (STOs) into the financial services sector will not only stabilize the investment landscape, but will radically disrupt old-school ways of the financial world. STOs enable us to create faster and more cost-effective financial instruments.

STOs are opening up the trading sphere to assets that, until now, could not be traded quickly and easily. With more than $256 trillion in real-world assets that have yet to be tokenized, STOs present a real alternative for companies and investors.

We are on the brink of a massive STO movement that can be summarized by real-asset backed offerings, dividends, and other traditional instruments.


STOs offer automation and efficiency for both issuers and investors allowing for greater trust and transparency in transactions.

Assets issued, held, and transferred on a blockchain will eliminate the time requirements on: legal counsel, compliance and investor communications.

Issuer costs are further reduced without the need for annual token holder meetings.

With STOs there is no longer a need for transfer agents to record transactions, cancel and issue certificates, process Investor mailings and deal with lost or stolen certificates. Likewise, administrative costs of shareholder conflicts and other issues will be eliminated as all records will now be indisputable on the Blockchain.

Private Placement Liquidity  can be enabled due to access to various secondary market trading opportunities.

STOs also enable Private Placements and other Alternative Investments to be customized in their structures.

The online marketing campaigns of STOs will attract broader Investor interests; investors can now take on the role of brand ambassadors for the issuers.

STOs allow for easier fractionalisation of assets and the respective revenues they generate.

With a STO, companies can allow for investment through tokenization, which significantly cuts admin and legal costs while keeping the company and the process transparent.

Any compliance costs that would typically be required for an IPO or other securities trading can further be reduced by embedding trading restrictions into a token via smart contracts.

Alongside the ability to trade at any time of day, any day of the week, STOs allow for companies to raise capital on a truly global level. Similar to online fundraisers, people from around the world can invest in projects they feel personally inspired by, regardless of their location. This further impacts liquidity and the legitimacy of a company by growing an organic following of supporters of a product at an early stage.

Regulatory clarity for faster adoption.

Liquidity means that the investor is flexible to make changes in his portfolio: decide when to exit, to trade or to hold his assets in parts.

Digital Energy Markets

Our Digital Energy Market projects allow energy capacity to be transacted between businesses, households, communities and utilities. Our bespoke technologies allow infrastructure utilities to avoid unnecessary multibillion dollar investment in underutilized infrastructure.

We implement new energy ecosystems changing the way electricity grids are used; transforming markets from centralized models to decentralized, nimble, renewable friendly networks where a wide variety of distributed energy resources are shared, stored and traded. Our technological innovation allows markets to work with intermittent renewables, thus encouraging the growth in green resources.

Our Portfolio Projects

Digital Markets Trading Systems

Reliable innovative trading facility offering complete market data processing. The SCX Trading Platform is an execution environment capable of processing any Alternative Asset Trading application. State-of-the-art trading facility with a risk control engine and access to all market data will help you gain competitive advantage and market share. Our solution allows you to manage your orders with a complete order management system and get access to market data through an open platform connected to all major markets.

Blockchain Technology
Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchain is an electronic ledger (digital database) which keeps an unchangeable record of data operations. The data is decentralized and stored across the network. While there is no shortage of grand aspirations for the blockchain, there are several commercial uses already being implemented and utilized by firms worldwide. SCX is using blockchain in helping reshape industries in domains as varied as finance, healthcare, government and manufacturing. The technology will continue to evolve and be used in more innovative ways.

Market Technologies facilitating Speed, Compliance and Scalability

By having a clear separation between platform capabilities and modeling functionality, software deployments on the SCX Trading Platform are identical across all participants and markets. This makes it significantly easier to maintain, support and extend functionality.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Adaptations

SCX is providing an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks for conducting effective trading activities on different markets and systems. The possibilities with the automation and the creation of trade algorithms make it possible to form the rules for opening, maintaining and closing transactions completely, both in trading on the exchanges or in the over-the-counter securities markets and alternative markets. In this sense, automated trading strategies allows the users to get rid of the "human factor".​

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